Premier Pointe’s Member of the Month

Premier Pointe’s Member of the Month for November is Elder Mover Helper! Elder Move Helper Employees are travel agents for moving people, not just boxes. They sort, pack, relocate and resettle America’s greatest generation. Like a concierge, Elder Move Helper is your single point of contact for moving or downsizing your home. They approach every customer […]

Premier Pointe’s Member of the Month

Premier Pointe’s Member of the Month for October is Towers Home Care and Rehabilitation Services On occasion, residents need health care services provided in their homes. Towers Home Care and Rehabilitation Services’ qualified staff of Home Health R.N. case managers are accessible 24-hours a day, seven days a week to assist you with a home-based […]

Premier Pointe’s Member of the Month

Premier Pointe’s Member of the Month for September is Seni! Seni brand is a premium line of incontinence products that falls under the TZMO group umbrella.  Since 1951, TZMO has been a leading European manufacturer and supplier of sanitary articles, cosmetics and medical devices to the world market. With their experience and modern production technologies […]

Strive Senior Living’s Founders Club Program

Don’t miss the opportunity to become a member of the Founders Club with Strive at Fern Park! Founders Club Members will receive lifetime rent rate lock for rooms, invitations to exclusive pre-opening dining events, accent wall customization in apartments, and name tags with the Founder’s club insignia. Call today to find out more about this […]

This Week’s Spotlight: Dr. David Smuckler, M.D.

Dr. David Smuckler is board certified in geriatrics, is a member of Orlando Health Internal Medicine, and aids in clinical education for internal medicine residents at Orlando Health. His practice offers a wide-range of specialties, including memory disorder screening, diabetes care, incontinence care, and blood pressure and cholesterol monitoring. His geriatrics care includes a personalized […]

Business Spotlight: Center for Diagnostic Imaging

This month, Premier Pointe is placing our Business Spotlight on the Center for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI). Conveniently located in Winter Park with other locations also in the Orlando area, CDI offers a broad range of medical imaging and related services to our Central Florida community. You can trust CDI for all of your imaging needs […]

Cardiovascular Fitness and Brain Health – Just Another Reason to Exercise!

There are many reasons to be physically fit, but staving off dementia might be one of the best reasons of all. The results of a long-term study of middle aged women were recently published in the medical journal, Neurology (click here to see study). The study shows a relationship between high cardiovascular fitness in middle aged women […]

Soul Purpose: Seniors with Strong Reasons to Live often Live Longer

by Judith Graham for Kaiser Health News, August 31, 2017 (posted in Premier Pointe News per KHN guidelines)   After making it through the maelstrom of middle age, many adults find themselves approaching older age wondering “what will give purpose to my life?” now that the kids have flown the nest and retirement is in […]