BrainFlex Wellness Club™ is a place where seniors can link arms together in the fight against dementia. Whether simply to gather with other seniors to strengthen the brain and body or because there have been reoccurring issues causing concern, BrainFlex Wellness Club™ has a place for anyone who wants to be proactive about brain health.
The BrainFlex™ approach is based on four key concepts.  These concepts are Brain Training, Brain Nutrition, Exercise and Socialization.  Research supports that when these four concepts are consistently applied together, they have the potential to deter the progression of dementia. These four concepts can all be achieved here at BrainFlex Wellness Club™.While working with seniors and their families experiencing the heartache of dementia, we decided that there was a desperate need for a program that provided a proactive, rather than reactive approach to cognitive decline. We believed we could do more to preserve and enhance the cognitive abilities of all seniors, both those have dementia, are at risk of developing dementia or those who simply want to do what they can to maintain or improve their quality of life.

Each member of our staff has been involved with various programs created to help caregivers and their families work with seniors facing the long road of dementia. These programs were all designed to help improve the quality of the “moment” and to decrease the frustration that is often the result of desperately trying to persuade our loved ones to hang on to reality as “we” see it. This type of education is wonderful and necessary; however, it is reactive.

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