At Conway Lakes Rehabilitation Center our Highly trained staff will treat you like family, assisting and encouraging you on your road to recovery.

Clinicians offer rehabilitative therapy to patients up to seven days per week as determined by their specific needs.

We provide patients with the necessary care and support to achieve significant clinical improvement when recovering from an illness, surgery or injury.

Later on your road to recovery, we offer outpatient therapy, the same familiar and reassuring faces who helped you during your stay will be there as you continue your rehabilitation.

Restoring life quality is more than medical capabilities, rehab programs and technology. It’s about anticipating and welcoming the needs of each unique patient and treating those concerns as if they were our own. We embrace the preferences of each patient with a collaborative approach by including families’ input during the plan of care. It allows a personal touch of health in our resort style atmosphere that successfully meets the physical and emotional needs of each patient and offer loved ones unsurpassed peace of mind.


Our Address:

5201 Curry Ford Rd, Orlando, FL 32812


28.5255077, -81.3214057