Do you have a loved one who needs assistance or protection? Are you searching for a way to resolve a family dispute? Do you want to avoid guardianship if you can?

Mediation might be your answer. A trained, experienced third-party can help you resolve the most difficult issues.
Situations that call for mediation:

  • Your family is struggling with decisions when a loved one is ill or injured. For example, your parent is no longer safe at home alone and you and your siblings have to intervene.
  • We’re going to have to appoint a guardian and we don’t agree on who that should be.
  • The court-appointed guardian isn’t doing the right things.
  • Your marriage isn’t working and you and your spouse agree about that (and little else.) People can sometimes dissolve their marriage without a fight, but need help with the decisions and forms.
  • People who are Christian have differences, but desire to follow Biblical teaching in resolving their dispute.



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