Long Term Care 4 Veterans is a national public information company. Our personnel have been trained to help Veterans and their Surviving Spouses who may be entitled to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits, particularly a little known improved pension benefit that provides tax-free income to qualified claimants.

We believe that Veterans who served our country during a wartime period, earned and deserve the benefits to which they are entitled. We will meet face to face and assist any Veteran, Surviving Spouse and/or their family representative. We provide guidance and assistance during the assessment phase of the VA application process through the VA accredited attorneys and authorized representatives with whom we work. It is against VA regulations to charge any fee for this service.

Therefore, there is never a charge for this service, neither to the Veteran nor Surviving Spouse, their family members nor any facility in which you might be a resident or patient.

In order for us to begin our service to you, please complete the form above and you will be contacted promptly.

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