Senior Planners and Care Engineers (S.P.A.C.E.) is a full-service aging services and care management business that will launch you into the best years of your life. We will help you navigate the black hole of senior services and create a plan that best fits your lifestyle and needs.

A care manager is a health care professional who can provide assistance for you and your loved one in finding resources, making decisions and preserving independence. A care manager coordinates care and services to meet all the physical, social, emotional and healthcare needs of you or your loved one. A care manager is especially helpful for long distance caregivers and families dealing with dementia.

Brenda Lyle, owner, has a Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Science and is certified as a Geriatric Care Manager through the National Association of Certified Geriatric Care Managers. She offers high-quality, low-cost care management starting at $150/month with a membership and specializes in families who are out of state but have loved ones in central Florida.