Share My Story began as a personal mission to give a voice to senior citizens — those who have lived for many years, and have many amazing stories to tell, but, unfortunately, not a voice or means to do so.It is personal, because our CEO’s father-in-law has lived in both senior-and-assisted living facilities. As such, he has met countless senior citizens who have led amazing lives, and have amazing memories to share … and yet, those stories and memories remain untold — both from their friends and their families.Our senior citizens, more than any other group, deserve to have their stories told. They deserve to have their stories shared. They deserve to have their stories remembered. We have been asked to offer obituary writing services.  That is not what Share My Story is about. That is not why Share My Story was created. Quite frankly, we are tired of stories of one’s life being written only after someone has passed away. We feel strongly that people should not wait until they are gone for their life’s story to be written, told, and shared. If you, or a loved one, are a senior citizen, we look forward to being your voice, and helping to tell and share the story of an amazing life.

At “Share My Story,” our team of professional [and, in most cases, award-winning] reporters will take your story, and put it into words, for you to flaunt, to share, and to remember for a lifetime. Our reporters will write a 700-to-1,000-word story about you, a loved one, couples, groups, an event, or a lifetime of events. Whatever memory you wish for us to turn into — and share as — a written story.

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