Whole Family Healthcare is a group of practitioners from all disciplines of medicine who specialize in natural and Integrative medicine for patients of all ages.  Natural medicine includes Acupuncture, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Pain Management, Naturopathy and the use of Chiropractic in Orlando, Florida.  Integrative medicine is the combination of conventional medicine with evidence based holistic therapies.  We treat every patient as an individual and utilize ancient wisdom with cutting edge diagnostics when making our assessments and treatment plans. Our core principles include:

1.    Identify and treat the root cause, whenever possible-  By treating the cause you can produce long lasting results.  When it comes to symptom management we use natural approaches whenever possible while striving to dig deeper and treat the root cause.

2.    Do No Harm-We utilize safe and effective natural medicine approaches to minimize side effects and maximize health.

3.    Prevention-We not only treat patients with disease but we are the experts in preventative medicine.  We focus on diet, stress reduction, detoxification, nutrient and hormone optimization, and individualized laboratory testing to customize a regimen for your needs.

4.    Education-We strive to educate you about how your body works and what your treatment options are.  Our bodies are uniquely and wonderfully made to heal if given the right environment and medicine.  We provide a roadmap for you to improve your overall health which naturally eliminates disease in the process.

5.    Treat the Whole Person-We believe in the connection between body, mind, and spirit and strive to provide support each patient on all levels to optimize health.

6.    Focus on the Foundations of Health-First we must strive to balance the foundations of health which include proper diet, sleep, stress reduction, exercise, and hormonal balance.  Once these foundations are strengthened the body will naturally moved away from disease and toward health.

If you are looking to take an active role in your healthcare then our team is waiting to assist you every step of the way!

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